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idk how html works i am very new to all this i am not a computer wizard

i saw the 52 views. im not sure how many of those are myself checking what the site looks like and how many are other ppl but if you're not me i swear im gonna make this site less shitty EVENTUALLY

general info: im 18 **UPDATE 12/27/2023** now 19

i go to """art""" """"school"""" /derogatory

has paradoxical impulses to become at once a "big dick clout haver" and a "hermit recluse with presence equivalent to the air density of outer space"

i somehow played so much idol-adjacent gacha rhythm games that i learned japanese

im so uwu. im a mymelo pfp haver on discord. やっぱりあたしかわいいんだもん〜♡

btw its this. shes committed crimes against humanity

i loooooove this gif banner so much

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  3. btw this season's bocchi the rock is so good. peak adaptation. really elevates the source material. 10/10 humor pacing all across the board literally has outseated k-on as my favorite moe girl show go watch it assfucks!

shitty diary section


maybe if i think about it hard enough the particles that make up my physical body will actually disassemble and reassemble somewhere on a beach in australia (i do not actually believe this

im really glad i dont have classes on mondays but GOD do i not want to go back to school college sucks so much hot smoking dick i cannot even comprehend.

12/25/2022 8:21pm --- merry christmas!! and happy holidays whatever you celebrate.

sorry i haven't been updating, school got busy with finals and now that i'm on break i've just been spending my time intermittently waking up between bouts of much-needed slumber. yesterday i downloaded an emulator to play an earthbound rom. i've been wanting to get into it but whenever i watch lets plays i never finish them. i also bought persona 5 royal on the winter steam sale but turns out my computer is too shit to run it. so i'm treating it as an investment. (copium)

also i still don't know how to code. so there's that. i need to learn to code better.

to the 0.5 people who are reading this, have a nice holiday season and don't forget to relax sometime.

12/27/2023 9:28pm --- wow its been a whole year since my last update sorry lol college kicked my ass and i got depressed. i wanted to learn coding but ig i haven't gotten around to it yet. i'll make this site better.... EVENTUALLY

i usually get emotional and super sad every year when its around the end of the year bc it reminds me of how time passes so fast and i'm running out of time blah blah blah. but weirdly enough this year i just feel kinda empty like idk. its kinda weird how its not snowing this year. global warming?!?!?!? i don't have much to say, happy chrismanew year

p.s. i have updated my art section. images are best viewed if you zoom out on the page bc idk how to resize stuff

art (temp)

still havent figured out how to resize images automatically LOL do i have to manually resize them in photoshop and then reupload or something??????

this was for miku's 16th birthniversary. i forgot the 01 on her arm. this is proof that i am a fake fan

i finished this on christmas day (2 days ago) but it has nothing to do with christmas. i drew it bc i felt ridiculously salty that i didnt get the limited sanrio collab ena 4star

my ocs, shittily drawn. they're all cringe ass girlfailures except kaname (the one with long hair to the left of the depressed looking one) who is a murderous cycle path girlboss(lmao). the fact that shes a lesbian has nothing to do with her murderousness these two character traits exist independently from each other so NO this is NOT homophobic. also im not a heterosexual anyways (as if that makes me exempt from internalized homophobia lol)

my perpetual emotional state

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